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Phasing – Out Fossil Fuels Shouldn’t Be Political!: 5 Keys

One might think, by this time, nearly everyone would realize and recognize, using fossil fuels, at least, on a large – level, is unsustainable, and damaging/ threatening to the future of our planet! However, our political, and economic systems, in many ways, has gotten, out – of – control, and rather than pursuing the true needs, in the longer – term, populist politics, has taken, its place! Besides, the fact, the natural resources, which produce our present sources, is not finite, and experts predict, will eventually, be insufficient to serve the world’s total needs, etc, politicians, such as Donald Trump, make political declarations, stating, their political opponents, threaten to disrupt the planet’s economy, etc! However, between the prospect, sooner – rather – than – later, of Climate Change (and the associated, negative ramifications), the damage to our environment, the need to explore renewable replacements, etc, it should be common sense, to pursue a smarter course of action, into the future. Shouldn’t we, by now, have come, to the point, where we accept, as reality, the fact, there is a true need, to phase – out, our reliance on fossil fuels, before it’s too late? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 keys to seriously consider.

1. Climate Change: All of this President’s denials, and posturing, does not change the reality, which the vast majority of scientists/ experts, declare, is inevitable, if we don’t make changes, soon! President Trump has carved – a – position, apparently for some, perceived, political gain, denying Climate Change. Equating this challenge, with economics, and short – term obstacles, doesn’t make it go away! How did the United States, get to the point, where we are the only major (and most minor ones) nation, to abandon the Paris Accords? No economic gain, can justify, ignoring this threat, and pursuing a strategic plan, to address, the best way, forward!

2. Environmental Protection: Beware, when Trump states, he loves clean air and water, because his administration, has repeatedly, taken steps, to reduce environmental regulations/ protections, for economic reasons! Permitting dumping into rivers, favoring coal, and oil, over solar and wind, etc, may please some of his supporters, but harms future generations!

3. Need for renewable energy: Almost every car manufacturer, now, produces some vehicles, which do not use fossil fuels, or minimize the use, and have models, which run on electric, etc! Abandoning, our efforts, to regulate gas mileage standards, is a clear and present danger, and, even, many of the auto manufacturers, realize this, and have plans, to proceed! The reality is, there is a need, for renewable energy!

4. Less Pollution = Overall better health: Nearly every scientist, and public health professional, as well as a significant number of citizens, realize cleaner air and water, is an effective approach, to improving overall health! However, this administration, in their quest to state, they have reduce regulations, are looking, at perceived, populist, and/ or, methods/ approaches/ ideas, which align with their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, threaten to destroy, many of the environmental gains, of the last few decades, etc.

5. Common sense: Unfortunately, one of the few, proven realities, of politics, and politicians, is that common sense, is a scarce commodity, and rarely witnessed! If we don’t begin, electing individuals, who look ahead, strategically, realistically, and responsibly, we risk the future of our planet, as we know it!

Phasing – out fossil fuels is not an overnight, simple thing, to achieve, but, an objective, needed, for the finest, sustainable future! Wake up, America, and demand, public officials, who open – their – minds, and do, what’s needed, and necessary, instead of, merely, popular, and/ or, political!

Source by Richard Brody


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